The Parents

Team of Parent Child and Directress

“focus on the child's needs within the context of family by recognising and responding to the unique influence that a family has in a child’s life; by working in partnership with families in meeting the child’s individual needs;" - Maria Montessori  

We acknowledge the uniqueness of each child by encouraging reciprocal feedback between families and the school; providing formal and informal observations of children; referring families to appropriate agencies as required; and keeping current and accurate records of all children in our care as required.

A positive learning experience requires that the parents and the school share a common view on the purpose of education. This common view creates the supportive triangle when parents, directress and child are all working together for the benefit of the child. 
The three-year 3-6 age range is a feature of a Montessori school so that commitment to a three-year program is a of fundamental importance. 

Your Role:

Your involvement in the school sends an important message to your children that you value and care about their school. We encourage you to be part of our school environment in the following ways:

  • Attend parent information events which play an important role in educating parents about the philosophy and practice of Montessori and other areas of interest
  • Come into our classrooms to share any relevant experience like a particular profession or culture
  • Help us to make materials with other interested parents
  • Organise class parent social events
  • Work in our gardens 
  • Encourage your child to collect items of interest from your home or travels which they might like to share