Prepared Environment

“a place of beauty ,simplicity and order “ …….“A place where they feel secure to trust their own powers” - Maria Montessori

The prepared environment of materials that encourage purposeful activity is essential to the success of Montessori. At each stage of development the physical, emotional, psychological, social and intellectual needs of the children dictate the preparation of the environment. Stimulation for learning comes from the total environment rather than the teacher.

This environment incorporates outdoor and indoor space. The two spaces complement each other and are available at all times. The 3-6 environment is called a Casa dei Bambini, or House of Children. It provides the opportunity for the child under the guidance of the directress to choose from a wide variety of graded materials which he can work through adding in complexity as his abilities increase. The space is arranged according to subject area, and children are always free to move around the room and to continue to work on a piece of material with no time limit. Children work at child size tables that they can move themselves or on mats on the floor, wherever they are comfortable.

“The child can only develop by means of experience in his environment” - Maria Montessori


The classroom environment encourages children’s natural desire for independence and the development of self-esteem. It has an atmosphere of mutual respect and caring where children develop kindness, courtesy and self-discipline.

The outdoor area is an extension of the indoor with specially prepared materials and the opportunity to care for the garden and develop an awareness of the natural environment. 

Both the indoor and outdoor areas are set up to help young children engage in activities that promote 

  • Lengthened concentration
  • Order
  • Independence
  • Exploration
  • Written and oral language skills
  • Understanding of mathematical concepts
  • Refinement of the senses
  • Positive self concept
  • Co-ordination 
  • Movement
  • Creativity
  • Social development

This is a child’s world recognising the size, the speed of learning and the interest of the child.