Casa Community

The emphasis here is on cognitive development. Development at this stage occurs in six main areas.

  • movement
  • language
  • refinement of the senses
  • order
  • acquisition of the social customs and behavior of the child's culture and society
  • mathematics

Children approaching the age of five work in a smaller group enabling them to focus on extension activities preparing them for primary school.

Children will have access to the Montessori indoor and outdoor prepared environments supplemented by an extra curricula programme.

The three-year age mix in classes is a feature of a Montessori school. Commitment to a three-year program is of fundamental importance.

Daily activities stem from adults close observations of individual needs rather than a prepared curriculum. 
β€œIt is true – we cannot make a genius …. We can only give each individual the chance to fulfil his potential possibilities to become an independent,secure and balanced human being β€œ - Maria Montessori

At Headland Montessori ELC, we have 2 dedicated Casa classrooms. There will be a permanent Lead Directress/Director and Assistant Directress/Director for each classroom; they will be further assisted by floating staff members between the two classrooms.