Headland Montessori ELC - Waiting List Application

Enrolment process for Headland Montessori ELC:

  1. Fill in the online waiting list application form, a confirmation message will be sent to your email address.
  2. We will assess your application based on availability, priority access and date/time of your submission.
  3. We will send you the placement offer letter by email with the relevant enrolment/agreement forms attached.

From which date do you require care? Format: (dd-mm-yyyy)
Please specify the days you require based on our available programs:
 2 days program (Thursday-Friday)
 3 days program (Monday-Wednesday)
 5 days program (Monday-Friday)
I will:  only take the selected days
 will consider other available days
Please tick any of the following Priority of Access guidelines that apply to your situation:
 Priority 1 – a child at risk of serious abuse and neglect
 Priority 2 – a child of two parents or a single parent family working/training/studying
 Priority 3 – any other child (includes any parent at home ie home duties)
Please tick any of the following that also apply to your family:
 Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander family
 Single parent family
 Families that include a disabled person
 Family with culturally and linguistically diverse background
Other information to assist in processing:
Parent / Guardian details
Parent 1
Parent 2 - Optional
Family Address details

Postcode     State 
Child details
Child 1
Format: (dd-mm-yyyy)
Male:  Female:
Yes  No:
Does this child have any additional needs?:
Child 2 - optional
Format: (dd-mm-yyyy)
Male:  Female:
Yes  No:
Does this child have any additional needs?:
Bus service required:
Yes:    No:
Yes:    No:
Other comments:
Additional Information

The information and personal details you provide on this Enrolment Form may contain personal information that identifies you or other people for the purposes of the Privacy and Personal Information Protection Act 1998. This Act provides for the protection of personal information and the privacy of individuals.


  1. Submission of this form does not constitute a guaranteed placement of your child at this centre
  2. Priority of access is determined by compliance with regulatory requirements; after that in order of date of receipt of this form
  3. It is your responsibility to advise the centre of any changes to the information provided on this form.

I have read and understood the above information